Apr 8, 2014
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Sixteen months.

I remember it like yesterday, the release of our first EP as a band. “Arms” felt like it took an eternity to create from the very first note written down to the minute the small package of 300 CD’s were brought to our doorstep. Subconsciously, this was the EP that would decide what kind of band we would become…and not necessarily musically but instead, it would dictate our drive, our passion and our faith in each other as musicians and more importantly, as a band; as a family. On the heel of that album release, our family was starting to change. With the departure of Jason on drums, we were shaken. He was a dear friend to us and the heartbeat of Fine Fine Titans but we knew we had to press on.

Fast forward a few months…after digging through the industry a bit, we grabbed the attention of producer Erik Ron with that EP. After the first phone conversation with him in January of 2013, we knew there was an underlying risk that we could either leave at our feet or grab by the neck. With nerves firing through us, we had no idea how we would afford this project in it’s entirety or if we were even the kind of band that could make it through this. It was exciting and it was terrifying. No longer would we be hiding in our blanket-fort, makeshift studio recording whatever we wanted/when we wanted, but now we would be held accountable. We were well aware that the pressure would make or break us as a band but we knew we couldn’t stop now. We jumped.

After we announced our decision to record our next EP in Los Angeles, it was brought to our attention of the small backlash from a few people in our local music scene. Michigan, particularly the west side of it, has a very entwined DIY work ethic and keeping everything localized is important to so many people in the community that when we decided to reach outside of it, there were quite a few noses turned up and backs turned. We understood why but also felt that not leaving the comfort of our homes would be detrimental to us as artists.

We spent 4 months writing and preparing for the studio and once we finally arrived to the city of angels, things would once again start shifting in ways that we could not have perceived. The three weeks that North Hollywood harbored us would turn out to be the most influential and decisive three weeks that the band has endured since it’s inception in 2010. We gained a heap of knowledge of music while in the studio but outside of the studio, what we learned about each other would matter even more.

We returned home as a different group than we were when we boarded the first plane out of Detroit to LA. The months proceeding were difficult to say the least. Resentment thrived and bred in unspoken sentiments and FFT was suffocating. Evan and I were suddenly forced to shift focus onto purchasing a home but the walls that housed our bodies were tiny in comparison to the walls that were put up within the band. Whispers of the dilemma were scattered through our town but to this day, only the four of us know exactly what caused such unrest. However, despite tumultuous rumors, Evan and I knew that we were still being held accountable. We had an album to finish.

Sixteen months it took for “Omega” to cultivate and mature. Sixteen months after a single phone call, not only has a collection of five songs been created but our hearts developed and the band transformed into a new Fine Fine Titans. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so what is the value of a song? Can you put a price on the expedition that comes with the creation of an album that reflects only the truest parts of ourselves? The journey does not end with this release but has only just begun…here is to reaching beyond our omega.


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Apr 6, 2014
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is there somewhere i can find lyrics for Farhenheit Diaries song? The song is very beautiful by the way =)

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Thank you. Tuesday they will be up on Bandcamp with the entire release! 

Apr 3, 2014
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Can’t wait for this!!!!

New videos coming soon.


Can’t wait for this!!!!

New videos coming soon.